Cancer Managment Tips – Hot Flushes

Cancer Managment Tips – Hot Flushes

Cancer Treatment Management Tips


Many breast cancer survivors suffer debilitating hot flushes. Estrogen, the drug of choice in perimenopausal women, is generally not recommended and non hormonal treatments are mostly disappointing. However, there is another old age, safe and natural way of breathing that I recommend you master so you too can feel better.

The Technique

Sit in a comfortable position with your upper  body centred over you hips.

  • Inhale slowly through your nose to a count  of 10. Breathe gently and deeply fill your  belly first then your ribs and chest and as you  reach the end of this inhalation roll back your shoulders.
  • Exhale slowly through the nose to a slow count of 20, reversing the order – first releasing the shoulders…then the chest and ribs…then the belly.
  • For maximum effect, practice this yogic  breathing technique or pranayama for 10 minutes per day. Also do it as soon as you feel a hot flash coming on, continuing until your discomfort eases.

The secret to success : the exhalation should take twice as long as inhalation.

Why does it work? Paced breathing affects our blood’s pH in other words how acidic or alkaline it is. When the pH level of blood becomes very slightly more acidic, the autonomic nervous system reacts, increasing the likelihood and intensity of hot flushes. Yoga breathing helps to neutralise this slight pH imbalance by allowing better oxygenation of the blood and normalising carbon dioxide saturation. Restoring an optimal pH which tends to calm and balance the autonomic nervous system, making hot flushes less intense and less frequent.

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