Thursday, October 29, 2020

Book a Video Consultation

Click the 'Book Here' button to visit our Booking Portal where you can choose and pre-pay for your consultation slot. (The App will open in a new browser Tab)

At The O’ Reilly Physiotherapy Centre for Lymphoedema, Cancer Rehab and Sports we now offer a Telehealth online consultation service so you can start or continue your rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home with the support you need. Using GoToMeeting, a HIPPA Certified secure video conferencing App, you can book a 1 to 1 Telehealth Online Consultation with Siobhán.

Using GoToMeeting

Once you have booked your Consultation with Siobhan you will receive an email with details of your booking, including your GoToMeeting link. You have 3 ways to connect for your consultation and we recommend you setup your option in advance.

Option 1: Laptop/Desktop Computer – whether it’s an Apple, PC or Chromebook, this is the best option to maximise your Telehealth Consultation as you can utilise the full power of the GoToMeeting platform on a computer screen. You do not need to download any software, simply click on the link in your Booking Email and you will be redirected to the GoToMeeting portal and connect with Siobhán.

Option 2: Smart Phone – if you cannot access a computer, a smart phone is the next best option and on occasions it will be more than enough to get the most out of your consultation. To connect to your Consultation on your Smart Phone, you simply click the GoToMeeting in your Booking Confirmation Email, just like you would on a computer. If you are planning on using your smart phone, you will need download the GoToMeeting App from the Apple Store, Google Play or the Windows App store – it’s FREE to download from all App stores – so we recommend doing this in advance of your consultation slot.

Option 3: Regular Phone – if you cannot access a computer, smart phone or simply have too poor of an internet connection, you can also dial into your consultation by calling the telephone number provided in your Booking Confirmation Email and entering the unique meeting code (also supplied in the email). There is no software needed for this option, but it is limited to audio only.

If you are unsure or wary of which option is the best one for you, please contact us in advance so that we can help you prepare.