First Consultation

During your first 1 To 1 Video Consultation Siobhán will go through a physiotherapy assessment. To save time and make your appointment more productive, it would be helpful if you could please pre-prepare answers for the assessment using the below set of questions and have your relevant medical reports or test results close to hand.

We do not ask you to complete online forms or to send data by email as this is your private and confidential information. For our video consultations we use a premium GoToMeeting plan that has HIPAA certified security across the complete call. So when we discuss your information or future health matters during a consultation, the answers you provide are physically noted down by Siobhán and never put in a place that can be accessed publicly.

Siobhán is part of your multidisciplinary medical team and may call your doctor to discuss her assessment. She may also request copies of relevant medical reports be posted to her. To keep your doctor(s) informed Siobhán also posts them your Physiotherapy Progress Report.

INTAKE Form, please prepare your answers to these questions:

1. Your Full Name:

2. Age and Date of Birth:

3. Home Address (including Eircode):

4. Mobile Phone Number:

5. Email Address:

6. Doctor’s Name:

7. Doctor’s Address:

8. Doctor’s Phone Number:

9. Past Medical history and your regular medications:

10.Hobbies/athletic activities.

11.History of your current health issue.

12.Your physiotherapy concerns?

13.Your goals.

Tips For A Great Online Physio Session

Be ready

  • Have a pen, notebook and a glass of water handy.
  • If you plan on using a Mobile Phone for your consultation, please go to your phone App Store, search for ‘GoToMeeting’ and install this app.
  • Be ready to go 5 minutes before our time. Sit back, take a breath and relax.

Create the space

  • Find a quiet room where you have enough floor space for a chair, a mat and a pillow.
  • Switch on the lights so I can see you and observe your movements.
  • Put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door.
  • Find positions for your laptop so we can see each other when you seated on the chair and when you are lying on the mat.

What to wear.

  • For upper body physio wear a vest or sports bra or swim suit.
  • For lower body physio wear shorts and no socks please.
  • Siobhán assesses your pain, mobility, strength, swelling and function. Once the assessment is complete, have a sweatshirt or sweatpants ready to pop on for the discussion of her findings, recommendations and treatment planning.

Many thanks and we look forward to meeting you.