“Siobhan, my life changed the day I walked into your room and laid down on your treatment table – not just through your firm but gentle hands and great advice but also because of your wonderful warmth and spirit”. JS

“Siobhan, I want to thank you for all you have done for me this summer. I feel so fortunate that we met. You are a true healer – taking care of my physical needs and touching me deeply to heal my heart and emotional wellbeing. I have the deepest gratitude to you for pointing me in a positive direction”. JM

“Siobhan, for the short time I have interacted with you as my physical therapist, I have gained a lot from the therapy you provided me on many levels – physical emotional and spiritual. Thank you for listening, for coaching, for all the instructions, advice, trust, stories, and last but not least, for the laughs. Your words of wisdom and encouragement are a keeper”. LD

“Dear Siobhan, thank you. You have saved the day helping me recover from breast cancer surgery. With your special skills you have kept me together physically. Coming to visit you week after week turned out to be the best decision I could have made to facilitate my recovery”. MK

“My name is Silvia Lunardon and I am an Italian physical therapist specializing in lymphedema treatment and senology (i.e. breast cancer rehab) .

I recently read your article about LE & travelling (https://www.lymphireland.com/travelling-with-lymphoedema/) and I found it really useful and interesting. I write you this email to congratulate for the great job and to tell you that your contents were great resources for some of my Facebook and Instagram posts – I cited your websites among the sources that were used in addition to my work. As you can see, scrolling through my Facebook page or Instagram feed, I do not use my profiles to advertise my services but to share information with patients and to educate them to better understand and manage lymphedema.

Hope you will be pleased to know your work is useful for many people around the world. Kind regards, Silvia Lunardon Facebook: Silvia Lunardon Fisioterapista
Instagram: @fisio_lymphology. SL