About our Cancer Physio Center

The O’ Reilly Physiotherapy Centre: Specialising in Manual Therapy and Education for Lymphoedema, Cancer Rehabilitation and Sports.

Siobhan treating Irish Independent Newspaper reporter Niamh Hooper with Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

The O’ Reilly Centre is a unique and innovative service and the first such Chartered Physiotherapy practice in Ireland for people who have lymphoedema, cancer rehabilitation or orthopaedic problems or a combination of all three. This is also one of the few services where patients are provided with one-on-one 45 minute manual therapy and education sessions in Dublin.

After many years of experience treating these diagnoses, including senior positions in New York City’s renowned Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation and The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, and guest lecturing at University College Dublin, Siobhan O’ Reilly, the owner and founder of The O’ Reilly Centre decided to provide a different kind of service.

After her own experiences with breast cancer at age 36 and debilitating shoulder and back pain caused by surgery and her premature return to tennis, Siobhan realized that proper treatment requires time spent with each individual patient and a high degree of varied skills to approach their particular issue and ambitions.. Siobhan found that the combination of her own cancer experience, a love of sports, her physiotherapy background, augmented by her studies at the Norton School for Lymphoedema in New Jersey and University College Dublin’s Masters in Sports Physiotherapy Program, practiced in a personalized home-like environment resulted in more dramatic and rapid “whole body” improvements for her patients.

Siobhan works in partnership with her patients to ensure that the results last and yield benefits that prevent problems later on, including participation in sports and recreation. During treatment, people are encouraged to rejoin their beloved golf, tennis or walking etc and equipped with the knowledge and practices that result in people becoming experts in their rehabilitation and self management, so they may get well and stay well.

Patients also enjoy a holistic and multidisciplinary team approach at The O’ Reilly Centre and be assured we work collaboratively with the medical team. The team may include surgical, medical and nursing professionals, GPs, Occupational and Speech Therapists, Nutritionists, Psychotherapists and the Counsellors, Help Line and Support groups, Complimentary therapists and Personal trainers.

We specialise in the following treatments: