The top list of symptoms experienced by people living with Long Covid may include fatigue, shortness of breath, brain fog and anxiety. Many people are really struggling to recover at home and with very little support. Living with the symptoms of Long COVID is also challenging because it will take time to establish evidenced based best practice to guide physiotherapy and rehab. Fortunately there is evidence that Peer Support works and appropriate to recommend to clinicians, students and all people living with Long Covid. Peer Support “is about understanding another’s situation empathetically through shared experience of emotional and psychological pain” (Mead, 2003). prepared this list of Peer Support groups using Twitter and Facebook for convenient access anytime from home. The groups are from different cultures and in many languages and includes kids and adults. Please share this list with your physiotherapy colleagues, friends and family living with Long Covid so they may access invaluable support to help them through this. Thank You. Siobhan

Long COVID in Academia