Report from “The Strong Pink Women Program”, breast cancer rehabilitation for Physiotherapists course on June 13th and 14th 2019.

Physiotherapy teacher: Siobhan O’ Reilly Bracken

Exercise classes teacher: Hayley Killen

This course was held in UCD School of Physiotherapy rooms, over 2 days with 11 participants, one administrative assistant, one time-keeper/teaching assistant. Coffee breaks and light lunches were provided

We started day 1 with lectures on: (1) Breast cancer treatment, (2) Surgery and reconstructions and (3) The healing lymphatic system and cording. After lunch we focused on learning manual therapy techniques for scar tissue release, cording and fibrosis. Hayley Killen brought us through a thoughtful and balanced breast cancer exercise class.

We started day 2 with lectures on; (4) Radiation, the side-effects and implications for manual therapy, (5) Chemotherapy side effects and implications for exercise. (6) A walking program to meet Physical Activity guidelines. (7) Early lymphedema and early compression therapy. (8) Essential self-care skills. In the afternoon we focused on learning the manual therapy techniques for scars, cords and fibrosis. Hayley then brought us through a Yoga class designed for breast cancer rehabilitation. We closed out the course with an inspiring guest speaker who is herself a Physiotherapist and breast cancer survivor and she described her experience with DIEP breast reconstruction and how she progressed her exercises to return to running. Certificates of completion were awarded and course evaluations completed.  Read more.

June 13th and 14th 2019 course evaluation comments;

‘Wonderful presentations, all referenced and the pre-reading was so useful’. OG

‘Good practical skills, smaller numbers excellent’. MB

‘Time management good!’ MB

‘I feel a lot more confident in assessing and treating patients, but also in being able to answer questions they may have and offer advice’. Anonymous

‘Fantastic course and loved all the hands-on practical work’. Anonymous

‘I feel the work you put into this course is fantastic, I would love to follow up with another course with you’. AOD

‘Thanks so much Siobhan. Your mannerisms and humour made this course so much more enjoyable’. Anonymous

Siobhan, thank you so much for a wonder physio-promoting, evidence based enjoyable course! You are such an engaging, facilitative educator. Hope your dreams for world-class breast care in Ireland is realised! With our help! AC